Back in 2000, before social media1, my first website was a simple set of static webpages about adverse drug reactions. In 2003, as the then blogosphere expanded, I integrated Blogger into the site. Later, I moved to the more complex Movable Type, before finally settling on Wordpress.

Wordpress has been great. It’s fantastic blogging software, but it is high maintenance. Constant updates are required, and the high usage of Wordpress mean it is under constant attack by hackers. After multiple hacking attacks, the last of which injected spam into 16 years worth of posts, I’ve moved back to a static website using the Marie Kondo of blogging, Jekyll, as a generator, with the standard minima theme. It’s not as convenient as Wordpress, but the benefits of low maintenance and having to learn new skills (like Markdown) far outweigh that.

  1. In 2019, it is very much after social media