Medicines Safety Research Group

Anthony’s research focus is adverse drug reactions (ADRs), medication errors, pharmacovigilance, and pharmaco-epidemiology. He is interested in the role healthcare professionals have in the safe use of medicines. Recently, he has focused on the patient experience of adverse drug reactions. He leads the Medicines Safety Research Group at the University of Birmingham, and is an honorary Pharmacovigilance Pharmacist at the Yellow Card Centre West Midlands.

Anthony was a founding member of the SCRIPT team, a project to improve prescribing safety.

Optimising prescribing through education.

SCRIPT West Midlands SHA Prescribing Project – Raising Standards of Prescribing Competency . Safe Prescriber

Opportunities to study

Funded opportunities: Funded PhDs will be advertised at and on the University of Birmingham website.

Self-funded Ph.D. Positions: UK and International candidates are invited to contact Dr Anthony R Cox using his University contact details to discuss project proposals prior to application.