Writing a Paper

Pharmacists are involved in all areas of the development, manufacture, supply, and monitoring of medication. They work in pharmacies, hospitals, the pharma industry, medicines regulators, and increasingly, in the UK, in General Practice. They are ideally placed, and trained, to help reduce the major burden of drug-related harm caused by the widespread use of inappropriate medicines.

As part of the need to develop the evidence base for the contribution pharmacists can make in this area, including how pharmacists can work with patients, I am co-editing a special themed issue of the International Journal of Pharmacy Practice.

there will be a special issue of the IJPP in 2020, containing papers relating to the contribution of pharmacists to medication safety. We welcome submission of papers describing innovative approaches to enhancing medication safety, or rigorous evaluation of existing validated medication safety tools. Papers addressing the contribution of pharmacists to communication with patients and carers and multidisciplinary attempts to reduce the harms of medications are also encouraged. Please submit papers by 31st January 2020, using our online system, and use the tick box provided to indicate that you wish the paper to be considered for inclusion in the special issue. Accepted papers are available immediately on our web pages via ‘early view’. The print version of the special issue is scheduled for the second half of 2020.

The rest of the details of the call for papers can be found here.

Photograph by Ivan Radic. Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)