Pharmacists and work-related stress

The recent tragic case of Alison Stamps is another example of the wider issue of workplace morale and stress in the Pharmacy profession, which is a safety issue both for pharmacists and their patients. It was one of my disappointments, as a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s English National Board, to see a failure of all pharmacy organisations to effectively grapple with this issue in a meaningful way. Meetings were held, platitudes were spoken, but no substantial action was taken. Sometimes concerns about target culture were dismissed as pharmacists who did not wish to engage with changing professional roles, rather than as substantial concerns about the way metrics could be mis-used by poor management structures.

It is pleasing to see that concern has reached Parliament about this issue. We must do better.

Transcript here. Video below.

Image from My Diliff – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5,